Music Lessons for 2 Students

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LTM Lesson Icons6.jpg

Music Lessons for 2 Students

from 280.00 every month for 10 months

Thank you so much for choosing Little Treblemakers for your instructional music lessons! This option includes lessons for 2 students each week.

Sharing the gift of music with other musicians is one of the most rewarding aspects of learning any instrument. By signing up siblings, they have the opportunity to learn songs to play as a group or just jam and have fun together. You’ll be singing along with the family band in no time!

  • Little Treblemakers is a 10-month program beginning in August and ending in May.

  • Monthly tuition includes 4 scheduled lessons per month with your assigned instructor.

  • Lessons occur on the same day and time each week for optimal learning and skill retention.

  • Credits do not roll over to the following month due to missed lessons. If you need to reschedule, you may do so within 7 days – just arrange directly with your instructor.

  • You must provide 30 days notice if you choose to discontinue lessons with us (but please, don’t go breakin’ our hearts).

  • You will be charged the monthly tuition on the same day each month for the duration of the program (10 months).

  • Concert fees are billed separately on the month of the concerts. These magical themed performances occur twice per year (December and May) and are a special time for each student to debut what they have been working on through the year!

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