Hi! I am Sydney Eloise, and I am the founder and instructor of Little Treblemakers. It has been a dream come true combining my passion for music and my background in education into one wonderful program. Having been a student of music through my childhood, a song-writer through my teens, and a Montessori teacher in my adulthood, I can truly understand what sparks a child’s interest and what keeps them connected. As a seasoned touring artist, I know the journey it takes to find that moment where everything comes together and just clicks. For me, its about those moments.

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Sydney is amazing! She has a passion for music which she shares with my daughter and her other students! My daughter’s self-confidence and love of music has grown tremendously in the short period of time that she has been working with Sydney.
— Seth Bader, child Valentina, age 5


This program is made for every child, and is customized for each learning style. The philosophy of my teaching method is an emphasis on quality over pace, and connectivity over deadlines. It is very important to me that each lesson caters directly to each individual student, and that their goals and interests are met. Using a "follow the child" approach, and adapting each lesson to the needs of each child ensures a solid foundation and love of music for your Little Treblemaker.



"Sydney has been teaching my 6-year-old daughter ukulele for over a year, and it has been a wonderful experience! Her background in teaching young children makes for a very approachable first structured musical learning experience, and her patience and warmth would put any child immediately at ease. She is tuned in to my daughter's interests and they work on songs that she would enjoy, which only increases her motivation to learn. I highly recommend Sydney as a music teacher for a child of any age."
– Katie Fowler, child Larkin, age 6

"We cannot say enough amazing things about Ms. Sydney both as a person and as a music instructor. Sydney adapts her teaching style to the individual child and utilizes creative ways to teach and reinforce the lesson to Nicolas. Nicolas can often get frustrated when he does not pick up a lesson easily, but because of Sydney’s patient style and ability to continually find new ways to approach the lesson, Ukulele lesson day is Nicolas’s favorite day of the week! As a parent, it is such a delight to see your child love learning something new and develop a passion for music. We are so grateful to have her as a teacher and mentor to Nicolas."
– Julie Colbert, child Nicolas, age 6